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Separation Counselling

Separation Counselling

Sometimes, people seek counselling when one or both partners have decided to end the marriage or couple relationship, and wish to do so in a collaborative manner that minimises discord. Some wish to build a new relationship as friends, offering mutual support to one another; others want to learn how to effectively co-parent after separation; and some wish to effect their separation with minimal rancour and expense.   

Sometimes, though starting with Separation Counselling, you may wish to explore Individual Counselling or Couples Counselling. 

How It Works

This is an emotionally and practically challenging time for people. Both partners, as well as any children, can benefit immensely from a collaborative approach to separation. Counselling can support you to envision what you’d like your relationship and family to look like during and after separation and divorce, and to consider how you can support children through the change. It can help you navigate the different aspects of separation (emotional, physical, financial, social). You can  develop skills of communication and negotiation that can ease the transition and provide a foundation for cooperation and decision-making far into the future. 

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