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Types of Counselling

Individual Counselling

Sometimes, people find that life feels overwhelming. We can work together to help you to manage and shift feelings of insecurity, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.   Individual Counselling provides an opportunity to explore these phenomena and to consider alternatives that can prove more helpful in living your life in ways that you prefer.

Couples Counselling


Often, couples come to see me when they are experiencing issues in their lives that are negatively affecting their relationship. Many wish to stay together, so want help to work through their struggles in a safe and non-judgemental environment. However, some may wish to part and want to do so in the most amicable way. In almost all cases, there is a productive way forward.​

Separation Counselling


Sometimes, people seek counselling when one or both partners have decided to end the marriage or couple relationship, and wish to do so in a collaborative manner that minimises discord. Some wish to build a new relationship as friends, offering mutual support to one another; others want to learn how to effectively co-parent after separation; and some wish to effect their separation with minimal rancour and expense. 

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