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Why Try Counselling?

Why Try Counselling?

All too often, with the pressures of everyday life and the demands of those around us, we put other people’s needs ahead of our own - we just get on with things. 

So much of what we have experienced, be it good or bad, shapes the way we are today. Sometimes those experiences leave us feeling confused and unhappy, often without really understanding why, and we can struggle to cope when we feel we should be ok.  We can experience depression, anxiety, anger, sadness or low confidence and self-esteem. Often, people around us try to help by giving advice or supporting us in other ways, and feeling cared for by those close to us is important.  Sometimes, a different kind of support can be what we need to be able to address those things that are really affecting us.

Through counselling, a safe and supportive space is created for you to talk things through  in confidence.  You can express thoughts and emotions freely and say what you want to, without fear of  judgement. By doing this, you can gain the insights that you need in order to effect positive changes in your life.

Counselling can be a challenging journey; it can also bring lasting personal rewards and help you to enjoy life and relationships in new, fulfilling and unexpected ways. 

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